Interior Decor

Thinking outside the box for indoor spaces
The sky’s the limit in terms of the digital solutions we can come up with for your interior decorating needs. Our highly skilled production team is made up of people who love a challenge. In fact, we thrive on it.

Interior décor is a natural extension of the work we do with large-format digital printing. Working with designers and interior decorators, we can take a digital design and print it onto wallpaper, hard panels, and fabric or do a window treatment.

Whether you are looking for unique solutions for a commercial or residential space, you will be amazed at the array of creative options we can produce. From fine art reproductions and photographs printed on artistic materials, to mounting an image onto MDF or printing an image onto wallpaper substrate, interior décor is where all our talents come together to really shine. If you can dream it, chances are we can do it.

Since opening our production facility in Halifax in 1995, we have proven our commitment to technical excellence time and time again. We guarantee every product we sell, we invest in only the very best digital printing tools and technology and do all aspects of production and service in-house to ensure top quality work. In fact, at every level of Image House Digital you will find dedicated professionals who take great pride in paying attention to the fine details (some might even say we’re a bit obsessive about it). We are never willing to settle for “good enough”. We always strive for excellence. It’s our passion.

Have a vision for your space? Let us make it a reality.