Poster Printing

While printing research posters is a fairly straightforward process, there are numerous details along the way that take the final product from just okay to superb. At Image House we produce superior research and scientific posters.

How do we do that? Well, for starters, we print on a special polymer film that is both water-resistant and incredibly durable. This polymer film does not suffer from the memory curl that affects paper that has been rolled. Typically we treat posters with a low-glare vinyl laminate to provide an additional barrier to damage. Another key point to mention is we print research posters on a printer dedicated solely to this process, enabling us to offer quick turnaround times, even when a proof is required.

Since opening our production facility in Halifax in 1995, we have proven our commitment to technical excellence time and time again. We guarantee every product we sell, we invest in only the very best digital printing tools and technology and do all aspects of production and service in-house to ensure top quality work. In fact, at every level of Image House Digital you will find dedicated professionals who take great pride in paying attention to the fine details (some might even say we’re a bit obsessive about it). We are never willing to settle for “good enough”. We always strive for excellence. It’s our passion.

In a research poster you want something that will showcase the best of your work. Click here to let us take you there.

A perfect poster…all the right data
A perfect poster is one that clearly explains a body of research work. The information must be correct and all elements need to be organized and easy to read. A researcher making a trip to an important conference needs to be confident the poster is printed accurately — any missing data, graphs or tables could spell disaster.

Here’s what we offer:

1. Experience. We have been producing research posters for more than a decade. We know this business inside-out and have encountered just about every situation you can imagine.

2. Superior materials and equipment. We print on a special polymer film that is hard to tear and does not absorb moisture. We use a special printer solely for this process. We use only the best inks and run profiles on our printing process frequently. We also laminate the poster except in situations where there is simply not enough time to do so.

3. Quick turnaround. Having a machine dedicated to printing research posters , we are able to offer fast service.

4. Peace of mind. If time allows and you require it, we provide a reduced-size proof of the poster — taking the worry out of whether or not everything is layed out correctly so you can relax (or worry about other things).