Black & White

Photographers rejoice. There is now a medium worthy of your best black and white efforts. The new carbon inkjet technology from Cone editions (acknowledged world-wide as the leader in black and white inkjet technology) is the most recent breakthrough in black and white inkjet printing.

Image House has modified a 44” Epson 10600 printer to use these inks, enabling us to offer black and white prints on 100% cotton rag, watercolour paper or 100% cotton canvas.

The results are simply stunning.

The new carbon inkjet technology is very different from the standard method of mixing normal inkjet colour inks to look like black and white. This new process uses pure carbon — suspended in an aqueous medium with several dilutions ranging from faint grey to black — rendering completely smooth transitions from white to black, with imperceptible dot.

The new technology also has a much longer lifespan than the standard black and white photographic print process. Carbon is the most fade resistant pigment of any inkjet ink as it is relatively inert to UV and acid, the most common fading agents. And by using superior paper stock with no residual chemical contaminants, this new black and white printing process has even greater longevity than the best archival silver halide prints.

We have the technology to produce a superior black and white print — just as you’ve always pictured it!