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Banner Displays

We have several portable retractable and non-retractable banner display solutions. These systems offer style and quality, as well as an abundance of creative design options. You decide which is best suited for your needs!

  1. Para-Post Non-Retractable
  2. R-Banner Retractable
  3. F-Banner Non-Retractable Fabric

Para-Post Non-Retractable Banner:

At Image House we feature Para-Post, a premium line of Canadian-designed and Canadian-manufactured banner stands from Philing Expo Inc. (www.philingexpo.com). This system allows for tremendous design creativity unlike any other system on the market. Its modular design strategy and easy-change graphics mean the minimum investment in hardware to deliver the maximum visual impact.

Less weight. A non-retractable display stand is simpler in design and lighter weight than most retractable systems.

More durable. The material for a non-retractable banner can be made of a much heavier grade - meaning it will last longer and experience far less edge curl than that of a retractable design. Also, this heavier weight allows for a 100% light-block feature. The Non-retractable Para-Post banner has no moving parts to wear out.

More design options. In non-retractable design banners the graphic can be wider than the base (unlike a retractable system in which the base is always wider than the graphic panel) so banners can be placed edge to edge for greater visual impact.


  • The graphics are easily changed by the end-user.
  • All Para-Post banner hardware has a life-time guarantee - which means long term peace of mind.
  • They come in 30", 36" and 48" wide units, and are modular, so you can use them as a table-top (52.5"), standard height *80"), or extra tall units (104" - about 8 &1/2 foot display). They can also be used as a single or double-sided display. Note: a separate graphic would be required for each side and/or height indicated.
  • The most common size for this banner is the 36" W x 80" H.
  • You can change the width and height of your display at any time by simply exchanging the vertical and horizontal poles.
  • A literature stand can also be mounted on the unit. (hardware purchase required)
  • The banners each come with a soft carry bag.
  • Units can be linked to create backwalls.
  • A velcro receptive fabric panel can also be installed.
  • Canadian Made.
  • No Mechanical Parts.
  • Dealer Network Across Canada.

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R-Banner Retractable:

This single-sided retractable banner provides quick easy set up and tear-down, is light-weight, and as a retractable banner offers protection for the graphic when the unit is stored. The main unit is brushed aluminum, and comes with a padded soft carry bag. This unit can also be used as a table top display. This unit hardware has a 1 year warrantee.

With the hard-case and light addition, this single-sided unit offers a very competitively priced display solution that offers excellent banner protection when shipping or traveling. (Hard case and light combination is an option).

Call us for special banner requirements.

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F-Banner Non-Retractable Fabric:

This is a fabric banner. At 3.5 lbs this is a very light-weight and portable banner display that easily sets up in 2 or 3 minutes. This display is small enough to pack into a large suitcase, which is great for National and International travel. It also comes with a soft carry bag which can hold up to 3 of the F-Banner displays.

Easy to Set up... Easy to use... Easy to carry... Easy on your pocket... what more could you ask for.

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